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Western Australian wildflowers

WA wildflowersJoining the Western Australia Branch  of the Australia-Britain Society couldn’t be simpler!  Just download the application form and send the completed form with your cheque to the Australia-Britain Society (WA Branch), Hon Treasurer, PO Box 3044, YOKINE  WA  6060



Single Membership 1 year to 30th June 2018 _______________  $50

Single Membership – 3 years to 30th June 2020_____________ $135

Couple membership (2 adults) – 1 year to 30th June 2018_______  $80

Couple membership (2 adults) 3 years to 30th June 2020_______$215

Young Single Membership (under 21) for one year ____________ $25

Corporate membership for 3 years______________________ $750

The Australia-Britain Society is an independent Australian organisation, wholly free of party political connections, whose role it is in a spirit of traditional friendship to maintain, encourage and strengthen the numerous links between the two countries. These include history, language, literature, culture, education and sport.


Constitution plus Annexure One

proposed constitution updated 15 July 2017

(NB: the constitution is currently under review in accordance with the Department of Commerce’s new rules for non-profit organisations)

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  • Queen’s Birthday Lunch
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Australia Day Celebration
  • Quiz & Film Nights
  • Social & Musical Events
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Low Annual Subscription

For further details contact the Hon Sec: joymack1@bigpond.com