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The Australia-Britain Society is an independent Australian organisation, wholly free of party political connections, whose role it is in a spirit of traditional friendship to maintain, encourage and strengthen the numerous links between the two countries. These include history, language, literature, culture, education and sport.

The ACT Branch aims to provide opportunities for young people to support cultural links between the two countries through music, sport, language, the arts, and education. It has a range of sponsorships for this purpose including for the Young Endeavour and the Plain English Speaking Award.

The links between Australia and Britain are celebrated and strengthened through the ACT Branch’s observance of events such as the Queen’s Birthday, and members enjoy dinners and luncheons throughout the year for the purpose of community and celebration.

If you would like to join the ACT Branch, please download our membership form, and send it to us via email at a.jsutton@netspeed.com.au, via post to PO Box 9070, Deakin ACT 2066, or reach out through the other means available on our contact page.