NSW branch has a membership base of almost 200 members, most of whom are residents of greater Sydney and the Southern Highlands. Again, most members are British-born residents or Australians who have lived in Britain or have strong family and interest connections. Membership is open to a citizen who has an interest in the activities and aims of the Society. Members enjoy access to affiliated group programmes, including those of the Britain-Australia Society in the UK.

There are different categories of Membership, either for single or combined (i.e. 2 people) for one year (until 30 June 2023) or three years (until 30 June 2025). Rates are:

                           One Year                                      Three Years

Single              $50.00                                            $130.00

Combined.      $80.00                                            $200.00

For new members joining after March, the annual payment covers this quarter and the whole of the next financial year. Membership forms are available by email to: absociety@icloud.com or by post. Contact the Administration Secretary under Committee and Contacts page of this website.