TubeMapThe Britain-Australia Society in Britain was formed along with the Society in Australia as reciprocal bodies in both countries to support our cultural heritage expressed through a variety of social programmes and grants.

Full details of the British sister society are set out in the Annual Report links and the separate links under BritOz News, a bi-monthly newsletter of events in Britain that our members are welcome to attend. Britain, with a much larger population base and strong support from Australian corporates, arrange an incredible series of activities throughout England and Wales. Our sister society in Britain has a large management committee and many branches throughout England and Wales. Their Patron was HRH The Prince Philip from 1971 until his death in 2021. Lord Hague of Richmond is the President. Their headquarters are in Australia House in London and they have branches in seven regions across the United Kingdom.

The Annual Report lists the main groups in New South Wales that have similar, yet more focussed aims in promoting various aspects of kindred British and Australian life. Where practicable, this society invites these groups to attend our functions at member cost privileges and this facilitates a more economic and wider range of functions to a broader range of members.We welcome new members and involvement in our Committee. The Society has a wide range of fun activities and through its Committee and function support, provides practical and worthwhile links that reflect on our British tradition. Do come and join us! May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.