The Australia-Britain Society invites membership inquiries from those interested in maintaining the traditional links between Britain and Australia. We are an independent Australian organisation, free of party political connections, whose role is to maintain, encourage and strengthen the numerous links between the two countries. These are expressed through the observance of events of significance to both Australia and Britain such as Australia Day and the Queen’s Birthday.

The Australia-Britain Society was conceived by the Cook Society and formed in 1971 when the then Prime Ministers of Australia and Britain, Sir Robert Menzies and Sir Alec Douglas-Home, established reciprocal bodies in recognition of the value of a continuing cultural exchange between the two countries. They were the Australia-Britain Society and the Britain-Australia Society with similar aims of promoting and celebrating events of our cultural heritage.

Australia and Britain share a rich heritage of family ties, history, language, education, literature, theatre, science, sport and business. Together we share a common tradition of freedom and democracy which is enshrined in the legal and parliamentary systems of our two nations, stemming from the signing of the Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede in 1215.

The Society through its social celebratory programme aims to generate surplus funds to provide grants, with an emphasis on young people, that support cultural links expressed through music, sport, language, the arts and law. In particular, the WA Branch currently supervises the running of the Western Australian module of the Australia-wide annual Plain English Speaking Award for high school students. It also provides an annual grant to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to send a student to Britain to undertake further study.

If you value our Monarchy, the Westminster Parliamentary system, Shakespeare, Dickens, Elgar, Christopher Robin, Paddington Bear, Harry Potter and the Ashes, join us in helping keep these treasures alive.


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Western Australian wildflowers

WA wildflowersJoining the Western Australia Branch  of the Australia-Britain Society couldn’t be simpler!  Just download the application form and send the completed form with your cheque to the Australia-Britain Society (WA Branch), Hon Treasurer, PO Box 3044, YOKINE  WA  6060

Entrance fee if joining before 30th June 2020 _______________ $25

Single Membership 1 year to 30th June 2020 _______________  $50

Single Membership – 3 years to 30th June 2022 _____________ $135

Couple membership (2 adults) – 1 year to 30th June 2020_______  $80

Couple membership (2 adults) 3 years to 30th June 2022_______$215

Young Single Membership (under 21) for one year ____________ $25

Corporate membership for 3 years______________________ $750

Constitution of Australia-Britain Society (WA Branch)

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