Magna Carta Place, Canberra

Since its formation, and in conjunction with the former National body of the Society, the Foundation has made significant grants for projects that embrace promoting and fostering cultural links between Australia and Great Britain, with an emphasis on young people. This is a similar programme as State branches of the Society provide, however Branches do not have a tax-deductible capacity and the Foundation with this capacity and its asset reserves can make fewer but more substantive grants.

The major grant the Society as a whole led was the development of Magna Carta Place in Canberra. The Society branches and members throughout Australia contributed and the Society was the catalyst for both British and Australian Governments to underwrite the majority of the capital costs. Adjacent to this site is a public park, with a series of polished seats donated by the Society branches. Other projects include the Australian-Edinburgh Tattoo visit and support to the Bell Shakespeare Company bringing drama to outback schools.

Grants are considered on individual merits and can be submitted via email addressed to the Treasurer, setting out the background to the project, names of other sponsors, equity or funds already gathered, purpose, management and evidence of cultural links between our countries. The scope of these grants are broad and embrace the arts, law, language, drama, and history with a forward focus investing in our young people of both lands. The extent of the grants is dependent upon the funds raised through donations and preservation of a capital base that services the Foundation’s operating expenses. As a broad guide, grants are preferred in a range of $5,000-$25,000 on a one-off basis.

Branches of the Australia-Britain Society have smaller grant programmes and it is suggested that grants be channeled initially to the regional Branch President, who is also likely to be a Foundation Trustee, to determine its acceptability for consideration. With a regional endorsement this application can proceed as set out earlier.

A Foundation is an excellent vehicle for gathering small contributions from individuals and larger donations from corporations and Government, to support a small but worthy series of projects to an extent that individual non-profit centres cannot manage independently due to limited resources and management.